Surfcam Traditional



SURFCAM is a powerful 3D CAM product that achieves the balance between feature sets and ease of use. With an unrivalled out of the box experience, SURFCAM can help your business become even more productive and profitable.

SURFCAM’s 2 Axis system is the most cost effective, high performance CAM package with a robust library of toolpath strategies.

SurfCAM has a wide range of functionality including many trend setting patented technologies, from the industry changing TrueMILL technology to the patented Step Reduction Milling (SRM). SurfCAM has had a proven track record of being a technology leader, being that SurfCAM was the World’s first CAM system that was able to machine 3D surfaces on a PC to also having the distinction of being the first 5 Axis Simultaneous CAM system as well. SurfCAM has a complete range of offerings, with 7 distinct variations along several optional modules, SurfCAM can be offered in a level that fits the customers requirements both from a technology and capability but also keeping this all within an affordable budget.


Products Available:

  • SurfCAM Design
  • SurfCAM 2 Axis
  • SurfCAM 3 Axis
  • SurfCAM 4/5 Axis
  • SurfCAM Lathe & Mill Turn
  • SurfCAM Wire EDM
  • SurfCAM Editor


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