PowerSHAPE is the world’s leading specialist CAD software for the design for manufacture of the complex shapes typically found in the aerospace, automotive, medical device and toolmaking industries.

PowerSHAPE makes sketching easy with the patented Intelligent Cursor. The Intelligent Cursor is fast, accurate, and extremely easy-to-use, increasing productivity by shortening construction times.

PowerSHAPE simplifies surface modelling with its unique ‘Smart Surfacer’ – simply select the sketches and PowerSHAPE automatically creates a surface. Easy-to-use editing tools let you modify surfaces interactively to achieve the perfect shape, no matter how complex.

The Solids You Expect

PowerSHAPE gives you the power to model the most complex of shapes quickly and efficiently, combining Parasolid™ with easy-to-use surface construction and editing.  Direct Modelling enables you to make design changes effortlessly, even on imported geometry with no history.

Total Control

PowerSHAPE lets you use triangles in exactly the same ways as you would use surfaces or solids.  Create complex tooling pieces from imported STL models; wrap ArtCAM™ reliefs directly onto free-form shapes to create intensely decorated parts, and much more.

Assemble Parts Quickly

Assemble parts together quickly and simply and optionally store them in your own library for later re-use. Power Features automatically create holes and other features needed to physically assemble the manufactured part, and can be passed directly to PowerMILL for efficient machining.

Applications Available:

  • Model Import and Repair
  • Modelling for Manufacture
  • Electrode Design and Manufacture
  • Complete Injection Mold Design
  • Re-Engineering/Reverse Engineering
  • Press Tooling Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Product Design
  • Freeform Surface Modeling
  • Estimating


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