PowerMILL is the world’s leading specialist NC CAM software for the manufacture of the complex shapes typically found in the aerospace, automotive, medical device and toolmaking industries.

Uniquely, in PowerMILL both foreground and background processes are fully multi-threaded letting you get NC programs to your machine tools in the shortest possible time.

Multi-threading spreads complex calculations across all available cores in a multi-core processor. Even for single toolpaths, PowerMILL’s multi-threading optimizes calculation times, making the best possible use of your hardware.

Complete Flexibility

PowerMILL’s comprehensive range of patented high speed machining and multi-axis toolpath strategies, such as Vortex, raceline and trochoidal machining, allow you to tackle the most difficult and challenging parts whilst achieving faster machining times, reduced tool loads and smoother surface finishes.

Ease of Use

PowerMILL is widely known as the CAM solution of choice for complex machining. However, learning PowerMILL is a simple process for the majority of CAM programmers - as proven by more than 15,000 organisations worldwide using PowerMILL for 2, 3 and 5-axis machining.

Total Optimization

With complete control over toolpath editing you can remove toolpath segments, change feedrates in selected areas and change leads and links without recalculating toolpaths – giving you the optimum toolpaths for your production processes.

Applications Available:

  • Complete Machine Simulation
  • High Speed Machining
  • 5-Axis simultaneous Machining
  • Robot Machining
  • Blade, Blisk, and Impeller Machining
  • Cylinder Head Port Machining
  • Automated Electrode Manufacturing
  • Micromachining


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