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PowerMILL is Delcam’s core 3, 4 and 5 Axis milling product, a stand alone CAM system that produces NC toolpaths from CAD models quickly. PowerMILL can accept data from any CAD system, via IGES, VDA, STL or a variety of direct interfaces. It is extremely powerful, yet easy to use, and generates roughing and finishing toolpaths which optimise the productivity of CNC machine tools, while ensuring the highest quality machining of models and tooling.

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PowerSHAPE provides a complete solution for both product design and toolmakers. Whereas designers are primarily concerned with the design of a finished product, often ignoring the features required for manufacturing, mold and toolmakers require a complete model. For instance, some designers rarely fillet the sharp edges of a model or produce the necessary draft and split surfaces. These time consuming and expensive operations are often left to the toolmaker to produce. With PowerSHAPE all these are made easy, while PowerSHAPE’s powerful geometry creation tools ensure that the initial design can be completed quickly and efficiently.

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PowerINSPECT from Delcam delivers rapid inspection of complex parts and tools by comparing the manufactured item with the 3D CAD model. The speed of PowerINSPECT reduces inspection down time, minimising disruption to your production schedule.

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FeatureCAM is a feature based CAM system where automation in programming is the core focus of the product. FeatureCAM is also based on the industry recognized standard of the Parasolid kernel, this provides complete support for solid models generated by the latest CAD systems. FeatureCAM supports 2~5 Axis Milling, Turning including B & C Axis Lathes with live tooling. FeatureCAM also supports 2 & 4 Axis Wire EDM. There are also several modules within the FeatureCAM range specific to production manufacturing including multiple fixturing and tombstone management.

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ArtCAM is a unique software program designed to produce decorative products directly from 2D artwork quicker than you ever thought possible.

You can use ArtCAM’s advanced 3D modelling and machining tools to create and machine your 3D products, or directly route, or engrave your designs from 2D artwork, using ArtCAM’s powerful vector based design tools and 2D machining strategies.

ArtCAM is used by 1000’s of users, worldwide, across a vast range of industries, successfully enhancing their product ranges and their profits.

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