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Founded in 1991, CIMCO A/S has sold more than 100,000 software licenses through experience and customer service all over the world. Cimco known for their Reliable DNC software, Cimco also has the world’s best G Code editor available on the market. So even if you are happy with your current DNC and CAM solution the Cimco Editor will compliment anyone’s day to day needs.

The close contact and quick feedback between our technicians, and experts, with our customer requirements. Coupled with the will and ability to day-to-day invention, development and implementation ensure us a leading position – and our customers competitive products.

What most people do not realize is that even though a machine has a Ethernet port or option it does not allow for automatic communications by simply plugging the machine into a network hub or switch. Most CNC controls still require some service on the front end to handle the communications. Whether this means using some form of FTP or NFS server, Cimco DNC MAX allows for support of both of these protocols as well as handling standard RS-232 in one seamless environment.

CNC Compatibility

DNC-Max is designed to be the complete DNC solution for all your CNC equipment. In addition to standard Fanuc/Haas style controls DNC-Max includes the most comprehensive support for Heidenhain including FE Mode and NFS Server, Mazak including native Mazatrol, Fagor, and many others. Even though RS-232 is the standard communications method for not only legacy equipment but is also a standard for today, most machines now also include an Ethernet or LAN based system for program transfer. Cimco DNC Max provides a seamless standard for communications for either platform.

Hardware Compatibility

DNC-Max works with off-the-shelf, industry standard RS-232 serial communications hardware, including Ethernet and Wireless serial device servers, traditional card based hardware, and existing legacy hardware.

CNC File Compatibility

Whether you set up your first system or you replace an existing system, the DNC application you choose must be compatible with your data. DNC-Max eliminates the need to update all your existing NC programs.

Ease of Use and Administration

File transfers, port monitoring and system administration are performed in a clean, intuitive client/server interface. This is part of the system's intelligent, solution driven design..

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